Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bachmann: Washington is 'Vile,' 'Corrupt' But Can Join the 'Real World'

Bachmann: Washington is 'Vile,' 'Corrupt' But Can Join the 'Real World':

"Calling Washington 'vile and corrupt,' Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann said Sunday she won't compromise her 'core principles' if elected president, but she would take steps to negotiate 'advancements' in the right direction.

Bachmann said those who try to compare today's crop of GOPers to President Ronald Reagan, who did compromise on tax increases, are overlooking history. She said while Reagan agreed to a 3-to-1 deal of spending cuts to tax increases, the outcome turned out very differently.

'It ended up being $3 in tax increases for every dollar in spending cuts. That's the way it works in D.C.' she said. 'The deal sounds so rosy at the very beginning and usually the cuts are illusory, they're off in future years ... We can beat our chests and be really proud and say, 'oh we're going to cut trillions of dollars but we can't guarantee what future Congresses will do.'

'That's why no one would take that deal on the Fox stage or debate because we all know that they're fake cuts. Essentially they sound good as sound bites but they aren't real,' Bachmann said.

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