Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Jon Christian Ryter -- Selective deportation is not legal

Jon Christian Ryter -- Selective deportation is not legal:

White House resident Barack Obama, whose popularity with Hispanics is plummeting like the stock market, bowed to pressure from social progressive immigration groups and announced he would halt the deportation of some 300 thousand illegals and proceed, in the future, on a case-by-case basis.

Because he needed the votes of centrist voters in 2012 before his popularity nose-dived with the economy, Obama rejected the pleas of Hispanic groups in the past by telling them that he lacked the "broad categorical authority" needed to halt the mass deportations of illegals and that he had " follow the laws as Congress had written them."

Surprising he would say that since he has spent three years ignoring not only the laws as Congress wrote them, but the Constitution as the Founding Fathers wrote it.

But with his plummeting popularity and a need to find voters—legal or illegal—Obama decided maybe.....................


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