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Devvy's Email Alerts: Rick Perry, Bachmann, etc.

Below is the posting from Friday. I had to go out of state Thursday morning; got home late last night. Due to my schedule while I was gone, I wasn't able to send out the usual alert.

I won'tbe doing a Monday items missed because we all know what it's like when you come home: unpack, throw more on the laundry pile, is there anything left in the refer? Not to mention back to the smart meter ordeal, email and a thousand other things. Hope everyone had a good weekend.

Posted on my web site with links;

I continue to get very nasty and impolite email from supporters of Michelle Bachmann for a short piece I wrote last week:

The facts presented are taken from her voting record, not speculation. If that disappoints her supporters, they need to deal with it.

Let me give you my opinion in a nutshell as someone who has been in the trenches going on 21 years full time. Rick Perry, governor of my state, is a craven political animal. He ran for a third term last November and allegedly won. Old Rick needed to be a sitting governor at the time he runs for president. "Gee, look at me, I'm so popular, Texans elected me a historic three times!" Purely for public consumption.

In 1991, obscure never heard of Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton, attended the Bilderberg group meeting in the Black Forest in Germany. A morally bankrupt pig, he was none the less the anointed of the powerful world elite and went on the "win" the election in 1992. I believe one of the reasons he became their choice was Hillary Clinton. The voice of abortion and promotion of sexual deviants. Her role was to get the ear and vote from women and "progressives" (communists). It worked perfectly.

In 2007, corrupt globalist, Rick Perry, attended the Bilderberg group meeting in Istanbul. Like Clinton, in violation of the Logan Act:

Of course, neither was ever held accountable because we live in a lawless nation where foreign interests make sure their figurehead rules America.

When the world money power cartels decide who they want in the White House, between voting machine fraud, illegals voting and voting booths filled with well meaning but uninformed voters, their choice is "elected". While it will be yet another disaster for this country, I believe Rick Perry will be the next president as he's been a faithful lackey with his support of the NAFTA Super Highway, TTC and a whole long list of anti-American positions. Not very encouraging, I know. But, having learned long ago how the game is played and how the American people have been and are being played, I don't see it any other way.

If you're unfamiliar with the Bilderberg group, I highly recommend this book:

The True Story of the Bilderberg Group by Daniel Estulin

You cannot defeat your enemy unless you know who they are and how they navigate while implementing their plans for our destruction.

This paper in the Texas Law Review is an excellent education on The Lost Original Meaning of the Ninth Amendment by Kurt T. Lash:

"This Article presents previously missed or unrecognized evidence regarding the original meaning of the Ninth Amendment. Obscured by the contemporary assumption that the Ninth Amendment is about rights while the Tenth Amendment is about powers, the historical roots of the Ninth Amendment can be found in the state ratification convention demands for a constitutional amendment prohibiting the constructive enlargement of federal power. James Madison’s initial draft of the Ninth Amendment expressly adopted language suggested by the state conventions, and he insisted that the final draft expressed the same rule of construction desired by the states. The altered language of the final draft, however, prompted former Virginia Governor Edmund Randolph to halt his state’s efforts to ratify the Bill of Rights due to his concern that the Ninth no longer reflected the demands of the state convention.

"Anti federalists used Randolph’s concerns to delay Virginia’s, and thus the country’s, ratification of the Bill of Rights for two years. While ratification remained pending in Virginia, Madison delivered a major speech in the House of Representatives explaining that the origin and meaning of the Ninth Amendment in fact were rooted in the proposals of the state conventions and that the Ninth guarded against a "latitude of interpretation" to the injury of the states. Although the Ninth’s rule of construction distinguishes it from the Tenth Amendment’s declaration of principle, Madison and other legal writers at the time of the Founding viewed the Ninth and Tenth Amendments as twin guardians of our federalist structure of government. Over time, the Tenth Amendment also came to be understood as expressing a federalist rule of construction. The original federalist view of the Ninth Amendment, however, remained constant and was repeated by bench and bar for more than one hundred y

Some people might wonder why I bring up things like Lash's paper. Well, I've been out of high school over four decades. It's easy to forget what you learned in civics class back then (which isn't even taught in the majority of high schools anymore), but if we talk the U.S. Constitution, then I believe I need to know it inside and out and the intent of the birthing of this republic. That's why I took the time to read all 1800 pages of The Records of the Federal Convention of 1787 by Max Farrand, available from Yale Press. It is also free on line:

I know time is an issue, but I do hope you can read Lash's piece on the Ninth Amendment because it is important so we can demand our state legislators stand up to the machine in Washington and so we can all hold presidential and congressional candidates/incumbents feet to the fire with our knowledge of true constitutional government.

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