Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Can A Country With No Borders Be Called A Country? ~ "Obama is going to steal an election in plain sight"

Can A Country With No Borders Be Called A Country?:

That question becomes essential because on August 18, 2011 Janet Napolitano announced that anyone entering America illegally could stay, by announcing that immigration status would no longer be a criteria for deportation unless a crime is committed.

Now the entire world is welcome here with no visa, nor passport required; just walk across the border and pick what fruits remain of what once was America.

Our numbers of suffering unemployed citizenry will expand as another army of illegal (whatever that means anymore) workers invades, to further deplete our wages, send even more dollars out of this country, and raise the unemployment rate to new highs. Oh, but unions are safe from the onslaught since they control who gets a job and who doesn’t. However, our massive, underfunded entitlement system will inch closer toward insolvency as a new wave of invaders further purloins its benefits............................


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