Friday, June 24, 2011

West Goes South| The Post & Email

West Goes South| The Post & Email:

"There is, without any doubt, a criminal and fraud usurping the highest office in this land. The evidence is overwhelming, yet you squirm around and divert attention when asked by your constituents what you are going to do about it.

What kind of man allows a criminal and a complete fraud to tear apart our nation, issuing executive orders and hiring czars to bypass the Congress and the rules of the laws of our land and violate our Constitution without even speaking out?

You do a lot of talking tough; why will you not take a stand and take steps to have this criminal arrested and dragged out of our White House in handcuffs?

You are allowing him to take our nation down the path to destruction and to use our money to destroy all the good that this nation once stood for.

We the people, millions of us, are outraged at the complicity of those of you elected to represent us while you collect your paycheck and do nothing to save our nation from the tyrannical fraud and Criminal In Chief.

Among his dozens of crimes, even possibly hundreds of crimes, are the FACTS that he is using a stolen Social Security number and should be investigated and indicted for identity theft."

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