Friday, June 24, 2011

Perry Supporter Claims Alex Jones Works For Obama

Perry Supporter Claims Alex Jones Works For Obama:

"Following our expos�of potential Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry’s globalist leanings, several neo-con news outlets reacted with a mixture of contempt, fury and in one case, outright frothing idiocy, by claiming that Alex Jones and Infowars were fully paid-up propagandists for the Obama 2012 re-election campaign.

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In our story, which was picked up by the powerhouse Drudge Report website on Monday, we documented how Governor Perry is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. While spewing rhetoric about Tea Party principles, secession and shooting coyotes, Perry simultaneously worked to sell off Texas’ infrastructure to foreign companies and offered enthusiastic support for the NAFTA Superhighway, a key component of the move towards a North American Union, part of the one world government dream of the Bilderberg Group who graciously invited Perry to their elitist confab in 2007.

Perry also aggressively promoted the Rockefeller Foundation-backed HPV vaccination campaign in Texas despite"................

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