Friday, June 24, 2011

Laurie Roth - County Steals Property From Stunned Grandson

Laurie Roth - County Steals Property From Stunned Grandson:

"In talking further with Jeffrey about the actions of Aeon Financial to foreclose and sell off his property in a tax sale, a sinister thought came to my mind. Are we looking at the potential of organized crime here, where payments and agreements are ignored, homes and properties seized, then resold. The record shows in 2010 that Aeon Financial sold 8500 homes in tax sales. How many of these people had made payments and signed contracts that had been ignored, manipulated or refunded??? That is called stealing in my book.

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In Jeffrey’s case it is most obvious to me that they are simply stealing his inherited home.

Jeffrey Smiles has a strong, legal case against all involved in this theft in my opinion. He needs our help. He told me he had seen an attorney but needed one who would work without charging him up front. He has no money to fight this, yet he must. If any attorney out there can offer him advice and/or help him please contact him at

This cannot stand!"

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