Monday, October 24, 2011

The two-state “solution”: Around the world and in history

The two-state “solution”:

Around the world and in history: When, in 1861, southern states of the United States seceded from the Union, the United States did not negotiate its national interests at an international meeting. The United States did not entertain a two-state solution in relation to the Confederate States. Rather, the United States denied entirely the right of the southern states to secede and to form the Confederate States. The United States fought for, and took back, and retains to the present, sovereignty over the entire territory claimed by the Confederate States, which the United States destroyed.

In 1973, a meeting took place between members of the American Indian Movement and members of the Oglala Sioux of South Dakota, who lived on the Pine Ridge Reservation, the site of 1890 Wounded Knee Massacre. There were violent clashes between traditionalists and modernists.

On February 23, 1973, AIM proclaimed the Second Battle of Wounded Knee. They occupied buildings, and vowed to fight to the death, if necessary. The next day, Federal Bureau of Investigation agents, U.S. Marshals Service deputies, and Bureau of Indian Affairs police, surrounded the AIM-occupied buildings.

On March 11, 1973, members of AIM and elders of the Oglala Sioux,,,

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