Monday, October 24, 2011

The Obama & Hillary “Ghostbuster” moment

The Obama & Hillary “Ghostbuster” moment:

Upon being told of his murder, Clinton joked with news reporters between interviews, laughing as she said “we came, we saw, he died.” Regardless of Qaddafi’s status as a dictator, such demeanor of a U.S. Secretary of State should be alarming to everyone, but especially to those in the media.

In an earlier, seemingly simpler time in U.S. politics, for example during the pre-millennium election cycles, people might recall that the liberal left and their media co-conspirators embraced another Latin word: gravitas. Ironically used in context to describe the statesmanship conduct of Bill Clinton, the term means to act in a dignified, solemn and otherwise appropriate manner. Anyone watching the main stream media heard pundits and anchors waxing on the gravitas attribute of William Jefferson Clinton over all others. The term survived well into the Bush and post 9/11 years, where the media at times accused George W. Bush of not only lacking gravitas but in later years as metaphorically “spiking the football,” such as with his ill-advised but non-offensive “mission accomplished” speech aboard an aircraft carrier.

By the utterance of one sentence amid cameras and the press.....

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