Sunday, October 09, 2011

Ron Paul: Wars Are Biggest Threat To Families

Ron Paul: Wars Are Biggest Threat To Families:

War is the greatest threat to the modern family, Rep. Ron Paul told an audience filled with social conservative activists today. Speaking to a packed crowd at the Values Voters Summit in Washington D.C., the Texas congressman said that wars in the last decade cost thousands of soldiers’ lives. …

Throughout the 20-minute speech punctuated with applause and several standing ovations, Paul managed to weave in several biblical themes molding it with his libertarian philosophy. Drawing inspiration from the Book of Samuel, Paul said that America was relying too much on its sprawling federal government. “We have too long relied upon our king in Washington and we have to change that,” said Paul. One of the biggest lines that generated applause came when Paul asked the audience, “Why is it that we don’t fight to keep the fruits of our labor?” …

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