Sunday, October 09, 2011

Is Barack a Petrified Political Fetus?

Is Barack a Petrified Political Fetus?:

Doubtless Barack is over his head as president, in every measure of the concept. Whether he employs this as a plan to topple America from greatness—as some claim, or that he is simply an incompetent nincompoop, too selfish and irresponsible to care the damage he does—is now irrelevant.

But it is important to understand that Barack never rose to the challenge of becoming a great leader—as many prophesied of him—or even a competent one. Instead, he simply crumpled to the ground, clutching his knees while morphing into a human fetal fossil, never having grown a metaphorical inch before quitting. Therefore, he really is a person who parachuted into his position—to use Pelosi’s metaphor—who has no natural ability to do anything required for leadership, save read a sandwich board.

Obama has clearly drunk deep of socialist and Marxist philosophy during his life which he admitted to Joe the Plumber and others that he really believes.

If the goal of any self-respecting socialist is to foment revolution in any manner possible to bring about a Marxist state—Who are we to refuse to believe his sincerity when his actions seem to inevitably lead to socialist sabotage over any other possible theory?

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