Thursday, October 06, 2011

A Marine Discusses the Wall Street Protest and NYPD | Veterans Today

A Marine Discusses the Wall Street Protest and NYPD | Veterans Today:

Back in 2000, Americans sat on their behinds while their government was stolen. In New York, first responders, fire and police, were victims of a terror attack I am absolutely certain was planned in Washington. We call such things “false flag.” 9/11 wasn’t the first and there have been many since, London, Madrid, Detroit, I could go on forever.

Like Vietnam vets, first responders at 9/11, police, fire, rescue volunteers and bystanders will enjoy shortened lives, poisoned by the imaginary “toxic soup” which we are now learning involved exotic explosives and ionizing radiation.

Soon after 9/11, America’s government went into a rampage of monstrous behavior, kidnapping, murder and illegal invasions and nobody spoke up. We, “America,” became everything we were all taught to hate and nobody spoke up, almost nobody.

It was all part of the same crime, as any good cop recognized from “day one.” “Day one” was when.........................

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