Sunday, October 16, 2011

It’s getting a little scary out there.

It’s getting a little scary out there.:

For most of the Obama administration, we only had to worry about the economic destruction he was fomenting. Now the threats and actions are becoming physically violent. It’s getting scary out there.

Forget about running guns to Mexican drug cartels via “Fast and Furious.” Most of the people killed with those guns were Mexican, and they were doing a lot of that even before the Obama administration got into the business of adding to their arsenals.

But now we have Democrats, like North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue telling us that maybe we should forgo elections for a few years. Others, like Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. say that Congress is in rebellion against Obama and should be treated like the South was treated during the Civil War. Still others, like the Jew-hating demagogue Al Sharpton, are taking to the streets hoping to imitate the violent mobs that are rampaging through much of Europe.

Is it time to start wondering whether violence and the threat of violence is part of Obama’s 2012 re-election strategy?

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