Sunday, October 16, 2011

"The current 'Class-Warfare' diatribe is a Chapter taken directly from Marx's Manifesto and attested to by Saul Alinsky in his infamous Rules for Radicals....."

Dear Brethren (hundreds bcc herein),
  The passing of each day brings with it a renewed call for self-examination, as it relates to the plight and standing of what little remains of this once great & historic Republic.
  What we are witnessing today is the tragic end of our Country and the resulting Chaos, brought about by the secular activity's of a Federal Government who have heretofore cloaked their ambitions and Ideology under a failed zealotry disguised as 'Democracy'.
  The current Federal 'emperor', Obama, has meticulously contributed to this orthodoxy through a platform of Social Re-Engineering, using Entitlements and a largely controlled Marxist Congress who has finally revealed themselves for one and all to see.
   To any who have ever read an American History book of old, NO longer used or whose values are expressed in ANY AmeriKan classroom today, this exclaim requires NO further explanation.
  The current 'Class-Warfare' diatribe is a Chapter taken directly from Marx's Manifesto and attested to by Saul Alinsky in his infamous Rules for Radicals book to which MOST of Obama's supporters subscribe & attest to.
  The current 'Occupy Wall Street' crowd is such a consortium of lazy good for nothings who cannot articulate any clear message other than- 'we want what you have and we have a right to it'.
  The basis for this NONSENSE & social malignancy can be traced back to that same mentality of entitlements that was created during the 1960's when this Federal Government used the
Civil Rights Movement to invoke and create just about EVERY Federal Agency in existence today.

  That decade however, was Nothing more than an extension of that same Ideology that was borne and created after the so-called American Civil War.
  It has been a product of debasement ever since or, as I have described it before, tantamount to slow doses of poison being infused upon an unsuspecting American electorate ultimately rendering them brain dead after 150 years.
  As such, most know little if anything of their past and, frankly, could care less- SADLY,  thanks to the Federal Department of Education that 'graduates' more dummy's each year who become tomorrow's politicians and journalists!
  When I grew up, and quite poor by the way, ENTITLEMENT of ANY kind was NEVER, ANY part of ANY equation.
  It was an un acceptable alternative- PERIOD!
  We had what was called PRIDE in oneself and hand-outs of any kind were NOT within the parameters of the Family's doctrine.
  'Marching' to complain that one deserves more through another, simply because 'life or circumstance is not fair' & that because another has it & they just want it, is ridiculous as it is UNACCEPTABLE and the mark of a Socialist LOSER.....but Washington will listen because they sing Washington's lyrics.....the same that were sung in the Too Big Too Fail Song!
  Instead, the province of my Family's doctrine was--- work harder and DON'T surrender your Identity to a Pack whose Mob Mentality is anything but productive.
  NO Price Tag could be placed on dignity and self worth and there was NO Government who would steal that from us through Social Manipulation- NONE!
  What has happened to Individualism?
  Where has that element of self-worth and Family pride gone?
  More Importantly- WHO has allowed for this Cancer to grow & WHY?
  The answers are, simply, this Federal Oligarchy- that is who, & the reasons have become all too abundantly clear to anyone with an ounce of Common Sense.
  The Socialist State Mentality is being, and has been advanced, continuously and for some time at our Expense!
  And here is where and why the Difference between a Confederate and a Federal once again becomes clear & revealing---
  > One believes in a Socialist Democracy through Debasement using Social Re-Engineering to accomplish its evil means to its end, while the other,
   > Believes in Individuality and the Pride associated with that Individuality upon which NO Price Tag can be placed nor which its fundamental purpose can be bought, sold, bartered or influenced in any way whatsoever!
  The Difference, Again, between a Confederated Republic and a Federal 'Democracy'.
  One is Controlled by the People and their Sovereign entity- the State....whereas the other,
  is controlled by a Central Demagogue whose Policies of Hegemony and False Socialization is DESTROYING us ALL!
  The 'Occupy Wall Street' crowd is an extension of the deliberately designed & infused Federal absurdity, brought about and over 150 years in which we have witnessed the carnage and genocide of this Republic through their legislative depravation from which most, if not many, of their Federal programs came from---  thanks to the Political, Economic and Cultural RECONSTRUCTION of this Country under the Federals.
  Once more, for those of you who care, WE MUST SEPARATE!
  The Confederate Government was NEVER SURRENDERED after the War!
  Our Military did but NOT our Government!
  Therefore, there remains that door that is still open to us, Thanks to President Davis for his resolve of NO SURRENDER!
  We do NOT have to 're-secede'.
  We have already done that!
  Our Confederate Government is in exile whose seats must be Restored through Constitutional Provisions requiring a Confederate Citizenry's resolve to make it so!
  The Provisional Government of the Confederacy is that vehicle attempting said Restoration.
  Please visit it's website at to learn how YOU can become a Confederate Citizen, and at absolutely NO cost to YOU other than a self-addressed stamped envelope.
  Do you realize that our Confederacy today would be the Sixth Largest Nation in the World in terms of GDP?
  What we manufacture and export here in the South not too mention our Oil, Natural Gas and Coal Reserves makes us a POWERHOUSE !
  We Confederates know this only too well.....but so too do the Federals who continue to strip us of OUR Identity and Right to Exist just as they laid waste to our Country and have kept us in subjugation ever since 1865!
  When will YOU wake up and begin to smell the coffee and come to grips with the stark reality that Washington has NOT YOUR interests in mind nor the welfare of this Country and will continue to procreate their interests using every legislative vessel in which to do so, up to and including 'Executive Orders'  to keep you under their control.
  Do YOU think ANY of this would have ever flew 150 years ago, much less the mid 20th Century?
  That is why we Confederates went to War but NOT before we were Invaded by the same People who are wreaking havoc on YOU today.
  Time is running out and the very fact that 50 % of this Country's population pays NO taxes and receives some form of Federal subsidy, (who do you think they will vote for?), combined with a policy of come one, come all and to hell with the Sovereignty once associated with OUR Borders along with All else......
Just what in the Lord's Name do You think will be the Natural Outcome?
I invite You to read the National Registrar of the Provisional Confederate Government's communiqué below and herein.
More People are Requesting Confederate Citizenship Each Week.
Again, and as cliché as it may sound, it's One for All and All for One....less we go down with Washington.
Compare and the Life and Country You Save, may just be Your Own!
'When the South Lost, so Too did Two Country's....but Only We Confederates Knew it at the Time'
 It's Over for Washington folks, but it is NOT Over for Us.
Deo Vindice,
Craig Maus,
president, The Confederate Society of America and Proud Member of The Confederate Alliance of Independent Organizations.
Staunch Supporters Endorsing the Full Restoration of America's Original Confederate Republic that has Never Surrendered.
_______________________________________________________( Permission to Forward )________________________________________________________________
----- Original Message -----
Subject: A CALL TO ALL CITIZENS by William Patterson

"A Call To All Citizens"
By William Patterson
(National Registrar- Provisional Confederate Government)
To my fellow Confederate Citizens residing both within and without our sovereign States of the Confederacy and throughout the world, I send warm greetings. 
The purpose of my message is to encourage you to go out and let others know that the Confederate States of America has risen again, and for them to understand the importance of registering others to become Citizen's of our Confederacy so they may advance the Restoration process via the Confederate State in which they are registered in.
The U.S. and C.S. Constitutions say nothing explicitly about dual citizenship. 
However, in its 1967 ruling in Afroyim v. Rusk, the U.S. Supreme Court used argument from the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to affirm the right to dual citizenship
So what this means for us is that it is not illegal for citizens of the U.S. to become dual citizens of the C.S.A. as long as they meet the qualifications so outlined in the citizenship application form that can be downloaded from our Provisional Government's website at ( .
When I received permission from my local camp commander of the SCV to speak to other members of our camp about the restoration of the C.S.A. and to answer any questions, I brought along copies of our citizenship application to distribute to each of them.  
In that way I was able to recruit new citizens. 
It is at the local level that I believe each of us will have the greatest success in citizenship recruitment because our friends and associates know and trust us. We encourage you to hold local meetings because our Confederacy is built from the bottom up from local, to county, and to state.
Local and County Registrars are needed to coordinate our citizenship registration drive. Service projects are also encouraged.
From organized local citizenry will come those Representatives, chosen by YOU who, at the state constitutional conventions, will review our 1861 Confederate States Constitution. 
The first Confederate Constitutional Convention since our Confederated Republic was forced into a state of political exile by the current & foreign National 'Democracy' Empire, will be the single most important event in over 150 years.  From it will be set the direction in which our course will be set.
May we all press forward with renewed hope, faith and courage that what we do is truly the will of the Lord in establishing His righteousness and the principles of liberty established by our
Founding Fathers.

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