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The Saddest Part of 9/11- It Was Preventable. "The Path To 9/11" Correctly Blames Clinton

The Saddest Part of 9/11- It Was Preventable. "The Path To 9/11" Correctly Blames Clinton:

September 6, 2006 The Smear Campaign Against ABC's 'The Path to 9/11' By Noel Sheppard

As the fifth anniversary of the attacks on 9/11 approaches, Americans are once again facing the horrors surrounding this event, and the ominous portent it conveyed. Yet, for some reason, one group of citizens has chosen to commemorate this solemn occasion by protesting an ABC miniseries documenting the history of this calamity.

As amazing as it might seem, the top brass in the liberal blogosphere's 'Netroots' have been frantically writing the past couple of days about 'The Path to 9/11,' declaring to their readers that this docudrama is 'a piece of fiction,' and that ABC's airing it represents 'gross negligence.'

At the heart of the controversy is the belief universally shared by these Michael Moore devotees that the ABC program in question doesn't paint a very pretty picture of their Hero—in—Chief, William Jefferson Clinton.

Yet, it appears that none of the disgruntled commentators has actually seen the miniseries — a fact that some hypocritically suggest represents a part of the conspiracy — and, therefore, are coming to conclusions about the program's contents from reviews by others.

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