Sunday, September 11, 2011

Obama’s Defilement of 9/11

Obama’s Defilement of 9/11:

Obama’s desecration of 9/11 is part of an effort to dumb down the nation and turn the solemn annual commemoration of the Sept. 11, 2001 atrocities into a meaningless feel-good event that glosses over both the horrors of that day and the evil intentions of the Islamofascist barbarians who made them happen.

At the behest of his radical constituencies, the administration’s plans were outlined in an Aug. 11, 2009 White House-sponsored teleconference call run by Obama ally Rev. Lennox Yearwood, president of the Hip Hop Caucus.

As I reported two years ago in a three-part series at American Spectator, on the call Yearwood and others said they wanted 9/11 to be used for something “positive,” “forward-leaning,” and “productive.” Their plan was to turn what they called a “day of fear” that they say helps Republicans into a day of activism that would help the Left.

A coalition of about 60 far-left, environmentalist, labor, and corporate shakedown groups participated in the call. Groups on the call included:

ACORN, Color of Change, AFL-CIO, Apollo Alliance, Friends of the Earth, National Wildlife Federation, Jesse Jackson’s RainbowPUSH Coalition, Urban League, and Young Democrats of America................


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