Sunday, September 25, 2011

Republicans not ready to rout Obama

Republicans not ready to rout Obama:

Republicans not ready to rout Obama

John Kass

September 25, 2011

America is finally wising up to President Barack Obama, a nice guy who prepared for the presidency by being a follower, by avoiding confrontation while cozying up to City Hall.

So with the economy in such bad shape, shouldn't this rather flawed Obama be easy Republican pickings in the 2012 presidential election?


And from what I've seen of the Republican establishment front-runner candidates, I don't think they can take him. And here's why:

Rick Perry. The governor of Texas is falling in the polls, perhaps because he can't get it through his head that America has already had its fill of a big-government Republican from Texas.

Perry's executive order forcing young girls to be vaccinated against sexually transmitted disease will bury him. Perry now acknowledges he made a mistake, that he should have let parents decide.

But when he had the chance, he used government power to force his will upon people. He's Bush III. Perry makes No Child Left Behind seem like a fairy tale with a happy ending.

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