Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dog’s Name Offends Islamic Watch Dogs

Dog’s Name Offends Islamic Watch Dogs:

Just recently The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia interfered in a Canadian organization’s right to place a TV ad on Canadian television which educated Canadian consumers with statements of true facts.

Yes, that’s right. A foreign dictatorship policing another nation threatens individuals with a cease and desist letter to halt the airing of their ad. More recently, Mr. Derek Reeve, a councilman in the California town of San Juan Capistrano, is chastised and shamed by another Saudi-style agent of censorship into removing the name of his family’s pet dog. They would like him to rename his pet something acceptable to them, I guess.

In this case, the Big Brother authorities, otherwise known as CAIR and ICNA-SC, were bolstered by a blurb of national media attention – Bill O’Reilly offering Councilman Reeve the Pinhead distinction for exercising free speech in his own backyard.

Does that by default make CAIR or ICNA the recipient of your Patriot award, Mr. O’Reilly, for being truly American? So turns the wheels of Shariah Islamic Law in free Western democracies................

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