Monday, September 19, 2011

Prison � TexMessage: It’s time for the media to take Ron Paul seriously

Prison � TexMessage:

It’s time for the media to take Ron Paul seriously: If Ron Paul had gotten just 200 more votes in the Iowa straw poll, the 2012 Republican presidential race would have been very different.

There would have been no Michele Bachmann boomlet . . . and crash. And Rick Perry would have had to deal with a third “first-tier” candidate who just loves to needle him at any time on a wide range of issues.

This weekend, the libertarian congressman from Lake Jackson swamped Perry (and every other Republican candidate) in a straw poll at the California state GOP confab. Perry has gotten a barrelful of ink about his strength at the California grassroots level, but Paul, with an investment of about $25,000, whupped his home-state governor in the Showdown at LA Corral.

The Pundit Elite will write off Paul’s latest win, postulating, as they always do, that Paul has deep but not broad support. But it would be a mistake to write off Paul. Whether he wins the nomination or not, he has a passionate following and can get his supporters to the polls, straw or otherwise. Perry — and Mitt Romney — haven’t yet proven that they can do that.......

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