Monday, September 19, 2011

Informants: FBI Ignores Border Corruption

Informants: FBI Ignores Border Corruption:

Two highly-respected whistle blowers with law enforcement backgrounds shockingly claim that the FBI is refusing "to investigate allegations that the Mexican drug cartels have corrupted U.S. law officers and politicians in the El Paso border region" after "big names" started to surface as reported by Diana Washington Valdez for the El Paso Times: "Greg Gonzales, a retired Do a Ana County sheriff's deputy, and Wesley Dutton, a rancher and former New Mexico state livestock investigator, said that instead of arrests and prosecutions of suspects, their whistle-blowing activities have resulted only in threats and retaliation against themselves."

Of course, it is axiomatic that organized crime cannot exist without public corruption.

The drug cartels have well-established supply lines, distribution networks and operation cells in at least 230 points across America through which they move $50 billion in bulk product and bundled cash each year, and there is no way this feat could be accomplished without a little help from well-placed friends.

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The shock is not that there is rampant corruption within the United States which allows the drug cartels to thrive but that the FBI may now be turning its back on those who seek to bring down the "big names."

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