Thursday, September 08, 2011

Frosty Wooldridge -- Immigration's Onslaught: Human Resistance and Constraints

Frosty Wooldridge -- Immigration's Onslaught: Human Resistance and Constraints:

“The continued expansion is depleting fossil fuels, it is reducing the numbers of native species of plants, animals, and microbes throughout the U.S., many of which are vital to agricultural production processes, such as pollination, and essential for a quality environment,” Pimentel said. “Converting land to development and highways takes away valuable cropland acreage. For example, in California 240,000 acres of farmland was lost during last year to development.”

Pimentel added, “Highway construction also destroys many thousands of acres of natural habitat for survival of native species. Nearly four million miles of highways cover our land. The area being blacktopped each year is 1.3 million acres (an area equal to the State of Delaware). No species lives under the blacktop. Rapid, unabated population growth, including legal and illegal immigration, stresses our school systems. Some schools have three times the number of students that they can handle with the available teachers and support staff................................................


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