Saturday, August 20, 2011

Rick Perry tied to Agenda 21, Globalist Policies

Rick Perry tied to Agenda 21, Globalist Policies:

A recent Wash�ington Post article doc�u�ments Perry’s work to get Chi�nese government-owned telecom�mu�ni�ca�tions com�pany Huawei, to base its U.S. oper�a�tions in Texas, a com�pany that the U.S. gov�ern�ment has deemed a threat to national secu�rity noting that “three times since 2008, a U.S. gov�ern�ment secu�rity panel has blocked Huawei from acquiring or part�nering with U.S. com�pa�nies because of con�cerns that secrets could be leaked to China’s gov�ern�ment or military.”

Perry’s cozi�ness with the Chi�nese and for�eign investors exposes a huge weak�ness in his right flank — illegal immi�gra�tion and open bor�ders. The Trans Texas Cor�ridor has been linked to the global plan to eco�nom�i�cally inte�grate North America, with the even�tual goal of a common secu�rity perimeter mod�eled after the Euro�pean Union. Perry ush�ered in in-state tuition for ille�gals and has long been an obstacle to immi�gra�tion reform or any Arizona-style immi�gra�tion law.

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