Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Prison � Corporate Media Switches Tactics, Attacks Ron Paul

Prison � Corporate Media Switches Tactics, Attacks Ron Paul:

"Strategy of completely ignoring Congressman was a miserable failure

Steve Watson
Aug 17, 2011

Corporate Media Switches Tactics, Attacks Ron Paul

The establishment effort to keep Presidential candidate Ron Paul out of the public conscience has failed and desperation tactics have set in.

Politico has taken it upon itself to dredge up an old and thoroughly debunked story in an attempted attack on the Congressman’s character.

“…there are reasons why Paul, and his fan base, might be grateful for the minimalist coverage that he’s received,” writes Maggie Haberman.

“… a more thorough vetting of the kind that mainstream candidates generally receive would invariably lead to some of the newsletters that bore his name (if not his byline or direct authorship) decades earlier.”

Haberman links to a three year old New Republic report which suggests that Ron Paul was responsible for racist and bigoted newsletters that were written in his name in the 1990s.

This is the exact same desperate tactic that was employed when Paul ran for president in 2008."


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