Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Great Liberal/Conservative Media Fraud

The Great Liberal/Conservative Media Fraud:

"This is the way it seems to work. The media on the left and the right want to keep people outraged enough about the misguided actions of the other side to keep them tuning in every night. But they don’t want to generate enough controversy that it scares the sponsors away or maybe even causes a boycott of their sponsors, as happened to Glenn Beck.

For that reason, the conservative media refuses to fully address what Black Liberation Theology, the doctrine of Obama’s church, is really about, the destruction of America’s democratic political institutions, so-called white society and the traditional church.

It would be much too controversial. If the public is going to understand this, -- and I think that it is very important that they do -- then it has to bubble up from the Internet.

This is not easy, because the brainwashing of big media is very difficult to overcome. However, over the last three years, more and more people are talking about it.

You can read several dozen quotes from the James H. Cone’s foundation books on Liberation Theology at this link. A printable file is available there for download, also.

Shocking quotes from Black Liberation Theology

I believe it is important for people to understand, so that we do not"..........................


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