Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Obama Loses Beer Buddy

Obama Loses Beer Buddy:

"The webzine edited by Henry Louis Gates Jr. has published an article suggesting that blacks not be so emotionally invested in President Obama.

It's written by Michael Arceneaux and entitled 'Breaking Up With Boyfriend Barack'. It appears in today's (Aug. 16) edition of The Root.

Arceneaux notes that (official) unemployment for African-Americans is double that of whites at 15.9 percent.

He points out that Obama's approval rate among blacks is down to 85 percent.

Gates was the famous participant at the 'beer summit' held in July 24, 2009 which came after Obama made uninformed comments in defense of Gates who had been charged with disorderly conduct after police found him trying to break into his Cambridge, Mass. home from which he locked himself out, and he threw a fit upon being asked to identify himself.

(Excerpt) Read more at blog.billlawrenceonline.com ..."

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