Thursday, August 25, 2011

It’s Been More Than Two Years| The Post & Email

It’s Been More Than Two Years| The Post & Email:

And therein lies the crux of the problem: supporters of Obama, and his regime, and of their policies, fail to comprehend that, by limiting our freedoms, they limit their own.

With each passing day that Obama occupies a job for which he is ineligible, exorbitantly marching on until future elections are considered superfluous, our freedoms are diminishing. But then so are theirs, true, and they don’t have the common sense to care, one way or another, because if they did, they’d force the Attorney General, or even one Secret Service agent, to uphold the law and put Obama and his supporters in prison.

Alright, we’ll do it ourselves. Don’t waste your time writing letters; we’re way past that stage.

The Terrible Twos are behind us, and it’s time to grow up and act like adults. We’ll know when, and so will they................


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