Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Why Calls for Impeachment Process Are Still on the Table 7Share 0diggsdigg BUT HOW DO WE CONVINCE A PROPAGANDIZED POPULACE? by Neil Turner

...The Crime of actually installing the usurper in the Office of President was committed by:
  1. Nancy Pelosi, the DNC, and the Hawaii DNC;
  2. The 111th Congress when they accepted the unconstitutional electoral votes on Jan 8, 2009;
  3. Dick Cheney when he tallied the unconstitutional electoral votes on Jan 8, 2009;
  4. SCOTUS when they met privately with the accused (there was a case pending concerning Obama in their Court) just prior to the ‘inauguration’ on Jan 20, 2009;
  5. Chief Justice John Roberts when he administered the perjured oath to the usurper on Jan 20, 2009;
  6. G.W. Bush who, without saying a word or firing a shot, silently turned over the reins of our Constitutional Government to a known usurper;
They are the ones who should now be impeached/removed from their ‘Offices’, or, if already out of Office – tried for their heinous crimes of Treason.
And since those who would or could properly remove Mr. Obama physically from our White House and incarcerate him until his case could properly be heard before a Jury of his peers seem to have been completely intimidated into not complying with their oaths;
And since those who would or could properly initiate the Impeachment process are by now all complicit themselves (some new members of the 112th Congress may yet be salvageable and have plausible deniability – if they step forward before it is too late);
The question then is,...........

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