Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Barack Obama’s Politically Correct Tyranny ~ "Do You Know the Origins of Political Correctness?"

Barack Obama’s Politically Correct Tyranny:

Do You Know the Origins of Political Correctness?

By Charles Pitts

Does anyone know the origins of Political Correctness? Who originally developed it and what was its purpose? President Obama does, and he uses it to advance his socialist fascist agenda.

Political Correctness was developed at the Institute for Social Research in Frankfurt, Germany, which was founded in 1923 and came to be known as the "Frankfurt School." It was a group of thinkers who pulled together to find a solution to the biggest problem facing the implementers of communism in Russia.

The problem? Why wasn't communism spreading?

Their answer? Because Western Civilization was in its way.


What was the problem with Western Civilization? Its belief in the individual, that an individual could develop valid ideas. At the root of communism was the theory that all valid ideas come from the effect of the social group of the masses. The individual is nothing.....


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