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Is Socialism’s True Father—Satan? (Communist Motto: “Let’s Drive the Capitalists From Earth & God From Heaven.”)

Is Socialism’s True Father—Satan? (Communist Motto: “Let’s Drive the Capitalists From Earth & God From Heaven.”)

Communist Motto: “Let’s Drive the Capitalists From Earth & God From Heaven.”

Is Socialism’s True FatherSatan?
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By Kelly O’Connell Sunday, November 6, 2011
The bible of modern community activists—Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals—contains a surprising yet highly illustrative dedication, a paean to Satan. And as unorthodox as this move might seem, it is actually a Marxist trope to dedicate oneself to the Devil. In fact, many early socialists did this before Alinsky was born. 

And the depth of seriousness and feeling is not to be doubted. Satan is highly regarded by some socialists. For example, Time magazine reports one socialist exclaiming:
“I thank Satan,” exclaimed the Socialist delegate, “that I have lived to see the day when the great popular masses united. I beg Satan to give me six months more, so that I shall see the Front in operation.”

The author of this sardonic invocation was bent, shriveled old Comrade Corradetti, a devout diabolist from Benevento; he was addressing the 26th National Congress of the Italian Socialist Party in Rome’s new Cinema Astoria.

Could Karl Marx and other foundational socialists, like Proudhon and Bakunin, have had a soft-spot for Lucifer? 

Would it even make sense to suggest anti-religious, godless persons could still salute Satan? This article is a brief investigation into whether socialism has any claim to fame as an ideology of not just atheists, but even diabolically minded people.

I. History of Socialism…..

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