Thursday, October 13, 2011

Why Conservatives Deserve to Lose in�2012 by David Franke

Why Conservatives Deserve to Lose in�2012 by David Franke:

Our options

Today the Republican Party has three options, and conservatives have two options, as they try to make Barack Obama a one-term president.

The conservatives have a choice between Ron Paul and any of the others. (They are essentially the same – what I call conventional conservatives.) The third choice for the Republican Party is the GOP establishment’s candidate, now Mitt Romney after a process of elimination. Since this is not an establishment-friendly site, I will concern myself with just the first two categories for the rest of this article.

As I explained in my previous article, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, and Ron Paul are the only Republican candidates with the money and troops necessary to prevail through the primary season until a decision is made. At this point in time, that makes a lot of you – perhaps a majority of you – unhappy. You are just going to have to learn how to deal with the hand you’re dealt. And you can take this article as one Ron Paul conservative’s Epistle to the (conventional) Conservatives.

Why do I say you conventional conservatives deserve to lose? Because you have come up with a pathetic list of candidates, and you tear down the ones you do have over nonessential matters. Most important, at a time of real emergency, you are playing politics as usual.

The Rick Perry Conundrum.....

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