Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hey America, What’s Going On?� Why No Outcry of Indignation or Action?

Hey America, What’s Going On?� Why No Outcry of Indignation or Action?:

I mean really; what is happening to our judicial system? Have the Muslims invaded our formerly known Justice Department, which is now more commonly known as the IN-Justice Department under the non-leadership of the Communist infested Attorney Genera Eric Holder under direct supervision of the Socio-Communist usurper acting president Barack Who’sInsane Obama? It is beginning to appear very much so judging by recent reports.

For the past nearly 3 years, Obama and Holder have been in charge of the laws and other standards that were once subject to our United States Constitution, lock, stock and barrel; but which of late due to the free pass given to the Islamic Nation, supervisors of the deadly international Islamic terrorists, by those two men who swore on the bible to PROTECT AND DEFEND said Constitution, is more like a foreign dictator’s toy to be played with and heaped with calumny and scorn.....

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