Monday, September 05, 2011

“Senior Baggers” : another group created by Democrat policies � Coach is Right

“Senior Baggers” : another group created by Democrat policies � Coach is Right:

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

While the Democrats and their union masters have been busy insulting and ridiculing the TEA party movement by calling us TEA baggers,(a foul and disgusting epithet),they have also been creating a new class of American who can unfortunately be called “Senior Baggers.”

You see them in every Walmart and in many grocery stores across the country. They are the working seniors who have been either thrust back into the work force or were never able to leave. In many cases because the skills they acquired during their lives have no application in a supermarket,they do the only job they can handle which is bagging groceries. They become “Senior Baggers.”

Some are about 65 and still look vigorous but many are past 75 and visibly worn down. Their lives have been smashed by Barack Obama and his Marxist policies. Their “golden years” are now only dreams and they are condemned to work until they die...................


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