Thursday, September 01, 2011

Pat Caddell for VP! ( I?)

Pat Caddell for VP! ( I?):

I was working on my computer this afternoon and then internet went down. Checked my TV and no cable at all so I simply went through all channels and then I ended up on CSpan2. Pat Caddell was speaking (event happened on July 30, 2011). Certainly did not mean to listen but then for may be 2 minutes I did something else while the sound was still on. WOW...I suddenly found myself listening really seriously to Pat Caddell - could not believe my ears. I mean, that guy would have been at a Tea Party rally he would have won the day - for sure.

Of course he talked about Carter for 1 minute, he insisted that he was still a democrat, but of the old guard democrat.

Honestly, everything that guy said was..fantastic!!!

If you have an hour to lose (or willing to learn something from a democrat) please listen:

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