Monday, August 22, 2011

Obama’s ineligibility: Prepare to defend America–Perp walk Obama out of the White House

If Congress and federal law enforcement agencies will not abide by the Constitution and the rule of law, then ordinary Americans will go to Washington, D.C. and drag that criminal out of our White House.

We will not allow Barack Hussein Obama to contest the 2012 election.

According to the Constitution, he has never been eligible for the office of President.

Obama has presented a forged Certificate of Live Birth in order to continue perpetrating a criminal fraud on the American people.

He has committed identity theft by using a Social Security Number not issued to him. He has committed a felony by forging his Selective Service registration.

Every member of Congress and all federal law enforcement agencies know it.

They have violated their oaths of office and abdicated their responsibility to support and defend the Constitution and uphold the rule of law.

Some have committed Misprision of Felony by actively engaging in a cover-up of Obama’s crimes.

There are only two kinds of people left in Congress, the complicit and the cowards...................


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