Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Lesson from Los Angeles' Forgotten 1962�Riot by Gary North

My Lesson from Los Angeles' Forgotten 1962�Riot by Gary North:

"I had heard Malcolm X speak at UCLA a couple of months before. He spoke to a couple of hundred students at the Student Union. He was a very good speaker. But by then, I was immune.

A few evenings before, I had seen him gently demolished by a local TV talk show host, Tom Duggan. Duggan invited crackpots and weirdos onto his weekly show. It was a Saturday night late show watched by very few college students. I was a devoted fan.

Malcolm came on. It was the lamb going to the slaughter. He never knew what hit him. He was sharper than Duggan, but Duggan was not about to be guilt-manipulated.

I shall never forget Duggan's parting shot. 'Malcolm, my great grandfather fought for the Union to free the slaves. You are an ungrateful man.'

Then he cut to a commercial. Malcolm was gone after the commercial, or might as well have been.

Playing the race card with Duggan, a retired Marine who had served in the South Pacific in World War II, and who got his start on the radio by challenging a Chicago mobster, was not going to work.

That completely undermined Malcolm's 'make the white guy crawl' routine. I took this incident to heart.".......................


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