Friday, August 12, 2011

Dave Daubenmire -- There’s a Muslim in the White House

Dave Daubenmire -- There’s a Muslim in the White House:

"I think it is time to stop pulling our punches. Because we have been bull-whipped with political correctness, most people are afraid to state what is obvious.

I don’t care how much the media covers for him, or how much his communist cabal yells “racist” every time someone questions one of his policies, or how many years he spent hiding in Jeremiah Wright’s “church,” I will no longer be bullied by fear of ridicule into denying what is plainly obvious to anyone with the courage to look with un-biased eyes.

Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim.

I don’t care what names they call me. I don’t care what evidence they try to present to the contrary, I refuse to deny the evidence before my eyes. If presented with the honest evidence even the Casey Anthony jury would not be fooled by this imposter in the White House.

There is more evidence that Obama is a Muslim than there is evidence that Casey killed little Caylee.

Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim. Why would he deny it?

Consider this:"....................................


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